. . . Ms. Koldenhoven has taught general music, music for gifted, and music for special needs for 6 years in the suburban Chicago Elementary School System, employing methods from Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, and her own. Throughout her career, Darlene has taught music studies either privately or with small groups in voice, piano, ear-training, and music therapy. Darlene was also on the adjunct voice faculty of southern California's most prestegious music colleges and universities: UCLA, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Los Angeles, and Citrus College. One of the classes she most enjoyed teaching at CSUN was Music Readiness to Infants and Toddlers.

One of her many specialties is helping people who are severly challenged by pitch percption, to sing in tune. To that end, Darlene developed her special eye movement technique for an immediate change in tonal perception. As an author, in 2007, Ms. Koldenhoven wrote and produced a comprehensive 94 page book with 7 instructional CDs titled "Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind's Musical Ear;" endorsed by faculty from The Juilliard School, NYU, Berklee, Clairemont High San Diego, to American Idol and The Voice.


Moving from her home town of Chicago to living in Los Angeles in her late twenties changed her career path to include winning a Grammy Award and 3 Nominations for Best Jazz Vocal Performance by Duo or Group. The Los Angeles Chapter of The Grammys awarded her Best Session Vocalist for singing on thousands of feature films, recordings, television shows, commercials, educational and live events in 23 foreign languages. Her work as a singer in studios helped to develop a highly discriminating listening ear with first hand experience validating Dr. Tomatis's premise that the voice can only produce what the ear can hear and that hearing certain frequencies are required to be able to authentically produce foreign languages. Darlene is known globally as the featured soprano soloist in "Yanni, Live at the Acropolis" PBS-TV Special & DVDseen by over 1.5 billion viewers worldwide and the tamrourine-waving choir nun, real life music director and production vocal coach for both "Sister Act" films with Whoopi Goldberg.


Darlene's compositions, productions, piano/synth work, and angelic & powerful 5-Octave voice supports her work as a sonic therapist and has garnered her many awards voted by Radio Broadcasters worldwide: Best Vocal Album "Infinite Voice," Best Holiday Album "Heavenly Peace," Nomination Best Vocal Album "Solitary Treasures." The American Prize awarded her "Angel on Ivories" a Best Art Song Vocalist-Finalist Professional Division, 2011.  Darlene's first instrumental, piano-based CD, "Tranquil Times," is now playing nationwide on The C.A.R.E. Channel in hospitals and hospices, won the 13th Annual Independent Music Award for Best New Age Album, and placed #1 on the worldwide radio charts in March, 2014. She has also co-written songs cut by other artists from B. B. King to The Clare Fischer Big Band.


Darlene continues her sonic therapy practice primarily using the iLs system of Tomatis APP and when appropriate, includes Sonic Singing Bowls and Tuning Fork. Ms. Koldenhoven is a "go-to" expert in the field having appeared at sound conferences such as the Global Sound Conference, Integrated Listening Conference, Tomatis Listening Conference in Belgium, and the Nebraska Music Educators State Conference.


She has toured the US and Canda presenting over one hundred informative workshops and seminars on the subject of the voice and sonic therapy usually in conjunction with her beautiful music concerts. She has written published articles in Evolve Magazine and Italy's New Age and New Sounds about the rejuvenating power of music and the voice.


Ms. Koldenhoven was invited by the Tomatis Mozart-Brain-Labs headquarters in Belgium to speak on her "Listening Eyes" technique for correcting faulty pitch perception, teaching singing, the ear-voice connection, and perform in concert September 19 & 20, 2015. The international conference workshops are held in English, French and German. Darlene's vocal and wellness with sound workshops and concert were also held in the Netherlands September 25-27, 2015.



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