Total Home Program . . .

(When client lives beyond So.Cal. or schedule does not permit otherwise)


When it comes to listening as with many things in education, repetition is the key to success. Therefore, at home listening daily can greatly benefit your progress.


1.) Requires Rental of Unit from Integrated Listening Systems or iLs, who charges $230 per month, minimum 2 months (see Products Tab) includes iPod with the specially processed music, bone/air headphones, Playbook of Sensory-Motor activities, Balance Board, Swinging Ball, Bean Bags and Ball.) Listening sessions are 1 hour each and are pre-programmed for your convenience. Generally the entire listening program is completed within 2-5 months depending on how much listening a client does daily or every other day. You may listen up to 3 hours a day provided that there are at least 3 hours between listening sessions. Best not to skip more than one day in a row if possible.


2. Initial Consultation

When clients live to far away to come in for the listening test/evaluation, Listening Matrix will send you a few questionaires to fill out in lieu of the test. When completed questionaires are returned, there will be a phone or Skype consultation to discuss the results and plan your program. After the initial consultation payment to Listening Matrix is made, you will be given a unique code from our office to call or email iLs so you can rent your listening equipment from them. All fees to Listening Matrix are paid in advance.

$150 for 50 minutes

2.) Introduction to your Listening Matrix personalized program with first sesion by Skype or Facetime. This takes place when your equipment arrives.The first 10 minutes of this session are instructions in how to use your equipment. There is no charge for set-up instructions. The next 50 minutes involve instruction of additional various activities to do during your program that are not in the playbook that comes with your equipment. Activities vary according to your individual needs and may involve activities for reflexes, voice, speech, music, rhythm and so forth.

Up to 50 minutes $125.


3.) Motivation, Guidance, Additional Activities during listening:

Option A) DAILY 1 email exchange per day for 6 days a week to make sure you are comfortable with the programs you are running; to answer any question about progress, the ear and the voice, activities, personal observations, motivation, new exercises, and so forth up to 6 per week.
$125 per week

Option B) WEEKLY 1 email exchange per week. Minimum 8 weeks required. This is to make sure you are comfortable with the programs you are running; to answer any question about progress, the ear and the voice, your activities, personal observations, motivation, new exercises, and so forth.During the program, when client is not listening but retains the rental equipment, the minimum fee will be billed, regardless of how many weeks involved until the minimum is met or the client quits the program in writing to Listening Matrix and returns the rental unit to iLs.
$25 per week totaling $200 for minimum 8 weeks.

4.) A series of Active Cycle Vocal Training exercises will be given to do at home for one time fee of $60 based on clients program.


5.) Depending on clients needs, listening hours will vary but generally you'll be listening at home 40 hours with two to four weeks off then 40 hours again. You may listen up to three hours daily as long as you have several hours in between listening sessions. So speed of completion is up to you.


6.) All fees are required in advance when booking the appointment.


Make checks and money orders payable to: "KeyNote"

Mail to: 4234 Irvine Ave., Studio City, CA 91604-2919

All payments are made in advance.