Hybrid Complete Program . . .


1.) Requires Rental of Unit from Integrated Listening Systems or iLs, who charges $230 per month, minimum 2 months (see Products Tab) includes iPod with the specially processed music, bone/air headphones, Playbook, Balance Board, Swinging Ball, Bean Bags and Ball.) Listening sessions are 1 hour each and are pre-programmed for your convenience. Generally the entire listening program is completed within 2-5 months depending on how much listening a client does daily or every other day.

After the payment to Listening Matrix is made, you will be given a unique code from our office to call or email in to iLs when you make contact so you can rent your listening equipment from them.


2.) 14 - 90 minute In-Studio Sessions PLUS 6 Listening Studies per Total Program. There are two Cycles in the Total Program with 7 InStudio sessions each cycle distributed as follows: the first session, the last and the five that occur about half way through the program for the special frequencies and professional programs that are not included in the home unit. This happens twice for the full program totaling $1,330


3.) Weekly Motivational & Monitoring Consultation

1 email exchange or 1 ten mintue phone call per week equaling $100 per month for as long as you have the rental equipment, paid in advance. Minimum 2 months initial payment. Activities to do during the program may be assigned throughout the program as needed based on clients needs.


In addition, Five 15 minute Active Vocal Sessions (see next peragragh) may be required at $45 each. This is not included in the package price and may be purchased during the second or active cycle.


Active Vocal InStudio Auditory Training generally takes place immediately after the listening session. The Client wears headphones while listening and speaking on a microphone while repeating words, phrases, sentences, sounds, songs, vocalizing, and/or other various audio input for about 15 minutes. Frequencies client hears are adjusted to fit their personal listening curve, improving the ultimate sound of the client's voice, listening skills, and ability to communicate clearly and quickly. Emphasis is on pronunciation, vocal tone, pace, breathing and listening posture.


Price of Complete Minimum Hybrid program for Listening Matrix part:

  • $1,830 Cash or Check or $1,885 by credit card / Paypal.
  • Payments may be split into two parts of $915 each when paid by cash or check or $942.50 when using credit card/Paypal; paid in advance of each Listening Cycle.
  • Includes 14 InStudio sessions, monthly Consultation minimum and 6 Listening Studies.
  • Actives as required or desired paid seperately with minimum of 5, totaling $225 in addition to the basic fee.
  • Two free Actives if amount for whole program is paid in full.

Pay in Full

Payment 1 of 2


Make checks and money orders payable to: "KeyNote"

Mail to: 4234 Irvine Ave., Studio City, CA 91604-2919

All payments are made in advance.