InStudio Complete Program . . .

(Location is at Listening Matrix in Studio City, CA)

40 - 90 minute sessions

May be semi-private.

CYCLE ONE: Practitioner works with client first fifteen minutes of listening session on sensory-motor skills, monitors progress, programs protocol for first Cycle.Then client continues listening with personal listening activities such as art, therapeutic art, drawing, painting, coloring, puzzles, or napping.

CYCLE TWO or ACTIVE CYCLE: listening takes place along with additional time working on "Actives." Active Vocal InStudio Auditory Training takes place immediately after the listening session. The Client wears headphones while listening and speaking on a microphone while repeating words, phrases, sentences, sounds, songs, vocalizing, and/or other various audio input for about 15 minutes. Frequencies client hears are adjusted to fit their personal listening curve,improving the ultimate sound of the client's voice, listening skills, and ability to communicate clearly and quickly. Emphasis is on pronunciation, vocal tone, pace, breathing and listening posture.

VOCAL AUDITORY TRAINING: Five to ten 15 - 20 minute sessions are required for all speech, language, music clients at $45 each. The first five Vocal Auditory Training sessions are included in the price below. Additional sessions  to occur after listening in studio as needed are $45 each and can be purchased in advance.

Program price includes the 40 listening sessions, initial Listening Study valued at $150 and five more free studies for a total of 6 Listening Studies; and, the first 5 Vocal Auditory Training sessions during the Active Cycle valued at $225.

Price: $4,325 cash or check ($4,454.75 by credit card/Paypal) Payments may be broken into two payments provided agreement is signed to complete the entire program for the benefit of the client.

Pay in Full

Payment 1 of 2


Make checks and money orders payable to: "KeyNote"

Mail to: 4234 Irvine Ave., Studio City, CA 91604-2919

All payments are made in advance.