BOOKS by, about, or including TOMATIS


Listening for Wellness: An Introduction to the Tomatis Method by Pierre Sollier

The Ear and the Voice by Alfred A. Tomatis, Roberta Prada, Pierre Sollier and Francis Keeping

The Conscious Ear: My Life of Transformation Through Listening by Alfred A. Tomatis, Marilyn Ferguson and Don Campbell

The Ear and Language by Alfred A. Tomatis and Billie M. Thompson

When Listening Comes Alive: A Guide to Effective Learning and Communication by Paul Madaule

Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives by Don Campbell and Alex Doman

About the Tomatis Method by Paul Madaule,Tim Gilmor, Billie Thonpson

The Power of Sound: How to Be Healthy and Productive Using Music and Sound by Joshua Leeds